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This Pre-Relationship Coaching tool was designed for you if...

check 24    You are really serious about finding a true and lasting relationship. Most people say they want change in their relationships but they take a passive approach when it come to doing what it takes to make sure that it happens. 

check 24    You are tired of failed relationships.  Moving from failed relationship to failed relationship only compounds the problem.  It is time to fix the issue at the core!  

check 24    You are interested in learning what your life purpose is.  8 out of 10 people wander through life purposeless.  As a result, they never truly impact the lives of others and live in a constant state of frustration.  How do you know what to give if you don't know what you possess?

check 24    You have ever lowered your personal standards while dating.  Lowering standards in relationships is the new social epidemic.  If you are always lowering the price of admission, you will never get what you are truly worth.

check 24  You want to be better positioned to succeed in your next relationship.  Let's be honest, we all want happiness in our relationships.  You often get out what you put in and you can only give away what you already own.  Now is the time to increase your value by finding your purpose...your next relationship greatly depends on it.

check 24    You have no idea why you exist.  A lack of purpose translates to purposeless living.  When you find the reason behind your existence life takes on a new meaning.  True happiness comes out of the overflow of an intentional life.  

check 24    You struggle with knowing the direction that you should take in life.  Are you ready for direction?  Tired of daydreaming?  Sick of being bored with life?  Ready to finally add value to your dating relationships?  Take charge of your destiny!


What Will I Get From The "Relationship Readiness Plan?"

make it last2You get over 60 pages of researched, re-tooled and extensive coaching materials.  This fully interactive PDF document is designed specifically for singles who are serious about not only improving the overall quality of their lives, but those who are seriously committed to being better positioned for their next relationship.  By the time that you are done with this tool, you will know your passions, your life purpose, your personal values, your life priorities, and your 1-5 year, 15-25 year and lifetime goals.  Imagine what you could do with all of this useful and invaluable information?  Imagine the person you could be inside of your next relationship once you understand the who, what and why of your life?  This resource is the same tool that private clients pay hundreds of dollars for. This is the type of resource that will literally change your life!   


What's Included In This Digital Resource? 

arrow right 24  Personal Values Questionnaire

arrow right 24  Personal Discoveries Assessment

arrow right 24  Life Purpose Statement

arrow right 24  Establishing Priorities Template

arrow right 24  Establishing Personal Goals Template

arrow right 24  Developing My Action Plan

arrow right 24  Bonuses!


What Have Other Users Of The "Relationship Readiness Plan" Experienced?

"The Relationship Readiness Plan is the "yellow brick road" to self-discovery, self-love, and self-awareness: a true pathway to experiencing and enjoying a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. 

~V. Allen 

"The Relationship Readiness Plan is a great tool for singles to use in order to determine if they are mentally, physically and emotionally equipped to take part in a committed, loving relationship. Often times, we do not give ourselves the proper time to truly examine who we are as an individual before engaging in a meaningful partnership with another person.  By completing this plan, singles can truly explore their personal wants, needs and desires.   

 ~Lindsey H. 

"The Relationship Readiness Plan is a useful guide not only for having fulfilling personal relationships, but professional relationships as well. The questions asked and the tasks requested are thought-provoking, and encourages you to ask yourself if you are living your fullest life. The Relationship Readiness Plan makes a strong point that balance in love, money, career, family, friendships, health and spirituality is key to having a successful life. Anyone who references this Plan when in need of re-balancing their life choices, will be doing themselves a great service!

~Anna Robinson

"The relationship readiness plan is an amazing tool.  This book won't just get you ready for your next relationship.  It will ensure your next relationship is SUCCESSFUL and fulfilling.  Everyone should own this, whether they are looking for love or not.  Kudos David!

~Stefan G.

"As I review the Relationship Readiness Plan I immediately reflect on Gary Chapman’s book, “Five Love Languages”.  As I reflect on these love languages I am reminded of the tank of my car, if it does not have the appropriate amount of gas in it I will not get to where I want or need to go.  Knowing what fills my tank is a must, if not, how can I go anywhere or get any true satisfaction not knowing what satisfies me or how to effectively let someone know what satisfies me.  Once I come into an understanding of that, I then feel it is equally important to understand what fills the tank of the one I choose to be in a relationship with.  I find your Relationship Readiness Plan very useful with the view of making sure that one shall never lose sight in first knowing and loving themselves 100%.  One must never lose sight of this and sadly it happens everyday.  Some believe they need to love the other unconditionally but forget about loving themselves unconditionally with expectancy from others. The Relationship Readiness Plan touches on all areas of life that allows an individual to really stay in tuned with how they expect to be treated and how to treat others.  With this I again say I pray and hope one will never ever lose sight in a personal relationship with self and will always love themselves unconditionally.  I took a Leadership Skills class while in college and excited about taking this class I first thought it would enhance my ability to Lead others. Surprisingly to me this class was to enhance my ability to lead self. I absolutely loved the class and so glad I took it. For those that believe they are Single But Ready I recommend the Relationship Readiness Plan and highly hope and pray they take it serious in how important it is to be Committed to God, Self and Others; in this order.

 ~Letrina Scott



 plus 24  F-R-E-E 15 minute consultation to answer any question about this plan ($30 value)

plus 24  Daily Affirmations Exercise

plus 24  Fully interactive PDF document.  You can complete it without having to print it!

plus 24  $30 coupon towards Relationship University tuition ($30 value)

plus 24  10% of EVERY purchase will be donated to our partner non-profit foundation (priceless!)

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So What Are You Waiting For?

Make one of the wisest investments that you could possibly make in yourself.  Find your purpose, express your passions and position yourself to succeed in your next serious relationship.  No more questions and confusion about who you are and about what you are born to do.  Use this tool as the catalyst for personal and relational change.  Just click the add to cart button below and let's get started! Remember, this purchase comes with a money back guarantee.


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