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Are you tired of the games?

Hey, what’s up? I’m David Taylor, co-founder of Single But Ready, and if you've ever asked yourself:

§  “Where are all the good men at?”

§  “Why do all of my relationships end with heartache?”

§  “Where is the woman that I can take home to meet my mom?”

§  “What am I doing wrong in my relationships?”

§  “How do I  prepare for marriage?”

§  “Where can I date online and feel safe?”

Or if you’re looking to improve the odds of your next relationship leading to marriage…

…You’re in the RIGHT place!


A Love That Lasts...


David and Mandy


Above is an engagement photo of my wife and I that was taken almost 7 years ago. I could have put a more recent photo up but I believe this picture encompasses something special about our relationship. We would like to share that same “special something” with you through this website. Although this website is not about us… this website is us. It is our desire that once you are done with this site, you too can take a picture like this. This website is about helping you to become "single but ready"…ready for marriage. We use the term “single” to encompass all of those who are struggling to find a committed, dating relationship. This website is only for a specific type of individual. If you are casually dating, or “talking” to a lot of potentials right now…the resources of this site won’t suit you. If you just got out of a damaging relationship and you need time to heal… do that first. If you are married or in a serious relationship but want out, this site may serve as a distraction and only complicate things.

Our Story

Don't let the aformentioned picture fool you.  This site was birthed out of pain more so than maritial bliss.  Not so far in the distant past my marriage almost ended.  I mean really ended!  I was at a point where I felt that I did not love my wife anymore, my wife was not happy, and as a result we were contemplating divorce.  I remember going apartment shopping and wondering what life would be like to start all over again.  We had listed out our personal belongings to see who got what from the divorce and even stopped doing things that married people do.  Our issues did not originate in our marriage but rather long before we were married.  Our issues originated while we were dating.  More specifically, there were personal things that we refused to acknowledge prior to committing on a serious level because we had alredy became emotionally involved.  We were so caught up in our chemistry, our attraction and the "cloud 9" experience that we ovelooked our baggage.  

And of course, the baggage came with us and laid dormat until the "cloud 9" experience wore off.  Then we were faced to see ourselves for who we really were...the good, the bad and the ugly.  Most people don't like to deal with the ugly in their lives...mainly because they refuse to admit that it even exists.  We had that mentality in our relationship...and as a result, the "ugly" made a mess of things.  So much so that I almost lost my wife.  But...so much so that we decided to fight back.  Hence, this website.   


Most people don't know the baggage that they carry. Through this site we not only help free you of your baggage, we make sure that you approach your next relationship with the right mentality so  that you date with more than just your emotions.


Through this site, we not only offer dating and relationship tips, we fuse psychology and self-help concepts with date and relationship coaching so that you understand how human behaviors impact social relationships.  Our desire through this website is to fix the problem of broken marriages by helping those who will be married but who are not married yet. Most marriages undergo a severely steep learning curve due to this notion. Sometimes, or as the research purports…about 50%of the time, the weight of the marriage is too much to endure while climbing the steep learning curve and the marriage fails. My wife and I almost suffered this same fate. About 90% of the clients that I work with come to me suffering this demise. Both my parents suffered this demise. I have lived around divorce all my life and I hate the smell of it. So… this site is our solution to the problem. This site is our gift to you.

Subscribe to Single But Ready (it's free), and you will get PROVEN tactics and strategies from NewYork Times best-selling authors, world-renowned experts in the fields of dating and psychology and of course, me, David Taylor.  I am licensed as a mental health counselor and certified as a life coach and have been doing this for the past 10 years of my life.  


And best of all, I will show you exactly how to land you next best relationship and provide tangible solutions to your dating problems.  All because I love psychology, already do this for a living through my private practice and have a knack for breaking down psychological research and real life relationship case studies into VERY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start using TODAY.  


Introducing Single But Ready: The Blog, The Podcast, The Web TV Show, Relationship University, Online Dating


This site is packed full of meaty content as well as resources and solutions that if used correctly, will drastically decrease the odds of you failing in your next relationship. As a date and relationship expert, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Certified Life Coach…I am emptying my tool box into this site. 

There are five main features of Single But Ready.  There is the blog, the podcast, the web tv show, Relationship University and online dating.  When you subscribe to our free email updates, you'll gain access to the first 3 plus bonuses and discounts for the last two...something non-subscribers won't have access to (I treat my email subscribers the best).

Here is what each "feature" offers:

Single But Ready, the blog

Written by me as well as guest bloggers who are single but ready, successful and experienced. You can expect that these posts will include tangible information, pain, passion, controversy and their own story of being single but ready.

Single But Ready, the podcast

This is where I feature authors, world-renowned researches and dating experts and top university professors.  I get them to reveal cutting edge research and trends and then I help break down how you can incorporate this information into your dating and relationship habits.  My most favorite guest on the show however is my wife Amanda Taylor.  

Single But Ready, web tv or SBR TV

The web tv show, are 3 to 10 minute videos where I (or my wife) will share tips and strategies you can use to get results TODAY.  Past videos are about "how to flirt the right way," "Top 20 Things Your Kids Should Not Say When Meeting Your Boyfriend," "getting over the fear of rejection," and more.

What is the best way to get ALL of the BEST pre-relationship coaching advice on the web? Sign up for the free email list below:



Relationship University: 8 Week Certified Pre-Relationship & Date Coaching Training

This 8 week program will only be for those who are ready to grow and are serious about succeeding in their next relationship.  Contrary to popular belief, relationships often end when an individuals personal problems become the main focus and main distraction of the relationship.  Relationships are robbed when an individual struggles to become their true selves.  When this happens, the relationship is short changed and limited to the limitations that each person puts on themselves.  Your relationship will reflect back to you the condition of your heart.  How you choose to accept your reflection will determine the condition of the relationship.  This is what Relationship University is all about...improving the reflection that you see when you stare into the mirror.

Through Relationship University, each member can participate in either an 8 week certified coaching program, a custom 4 week training or a 1 week training of your choice.  The courses focus on everything from money management to whether you prefer to leave the toilet tissue over or under. Each member who participates in the 8 week certification training will receive personal coaching, group coachin, as well as weekly assignments and activities that cover a range of topics. Some topics include: dealing with past baggage, healing from the past, financial wellness, career expectations, marriage role definition, family origins, family expectations, 5 love languages, conflict resolution…etc. After completing the 8 week coaching, each participant will then be eligible to be part of our exclusive dating pool where only those who have gone through the intense coaching or personal coaching can be a part of. That way you know that the person that you connect with has already gone through the same quality of coaching and training that you have gone through. No flakes invited! For more information on how to sign up click here

Single But Ready, Online Dating

In addition to hosting our own exclusive membership dating site, we are in the process of partnering with certain existing on-line dating sites who embrace the vision of Single But Ready.  This potential partnership would allow their existing members to benefit from our exclusive coaching program.  The end result would be a more refined dating pool on their site.  Imagine finding someone who knows their life purpose, has dealt with their past baggage, can speak your love language, knows their strengths and weakness, knows themselves and can manage money?  We will provide you with updates regarding these joint ventures as they come. 

Social Media

In accordance with the social trends, we want to be as available to you as possible. So, we are accessible on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes , Google + and Pinterest. We want to meet you where you are.


As you can see, this site is an investment and a tool that if used correctly, can tremendously benefit your life and the life of your future relationship. We appreciate your time and consideration and we look forward to helping you in any way possible.

To begin benefiting from this site on a deeper level, go ahead...subscribe below.



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