What Does Single but Ready really mean?

That Person!

Are you that person? You know, the one who on Friday nights while all of your friends are out with their partners, you are home prepping for a “self-date night.” Have you said the following phrase, “I’m waiting on God to find me my man.” Or, “Where are all the good women at?” Are you tired of long term relationships that end in heart-ache and pain? Have you attended a wedding with hopes of possibly meeting your future spouse only to be disappointed? Oh, I got a good one…are you secretly on an internet dating site? Are you that person? If so…you just might besingle but ready.”

I have learned over the years that the older you get…the stronger your patience gets when it comes to finding the right person. Or plainly put…you are less likely to settle for someone who lacks long-term relationship potential.   Most people would rather be single than to be tied down to someone who can’t love them the right way. Most singles hate this truth about themselves. Most singles secretly wish that God would speed up the process. Most despise being the only single in their peer group. Most singles strongly dislike being single.   Are you that person? If so…you probably aresingle but ready.”


Get out what you put in...

Healthy relationships take hard work. Most singles know this because they have attempted to turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy relationship…and failed. Most singles have the heart-wounds to prove it. Of those who have failed, some are cautious but ready for the next step. Some singles have healed, have learned, and have grown. Some singles are very specific about what they want because they know who they want. Some singles, despite this, are still flexible and willing to date “outside of the box.” Some singles…and I do mean some, are daily searching themselves, developing themselves and would take advantage of all personal development opportunities no matter how much they know about themselves. Are you that person? If so…you are absolutely “single but ready.”


Ready to be ready!

We welcome those that are truly single but ready to immerse themselves into this site. This site is packed full of meaty content as well as resources and solutions that if used correctly, will drastically increase the odds of you finding success in your next relationship.   Pull up a chair…you just might be here for a while.


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