What did you contribute to your last failed relationship? What behaviors or tendencies did you demonstrate that impacted your past relationship in a negative way? Are you able to answer these questions honestly? Am I asking you too many!

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The solution to overcoming being single is to know how to be single. Okay, that was a random way to start off this post but stick with me for a while...I promise to leave you with something that will change your life. See, most people approach being single the same way they approach working their job. They accept the position that they are offered and the pay that they are given all the while hoping for a greater opportunity to present itself.

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We believe that when you experience success, it comes with great responsibility. Here at Single But Ready, we are committed to leaving a legacy that makes a positive difference in the world through contribution and philanthropy.

Each product on this site is tied to a non-profit initiative. 

When you invest in your success through our products & programs, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support entrepreneurs, non-profit businessess and much more.

From every purchase...and we do mean every purchase (big or small), we are donating 10% to our current non-profit partner. Thank you for helping us change the world!

Here is our current partner for 2014…


Give A Day Foundation  "changing lives through volunteering"

More coming soon…


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6 Bad Habits That Keep You Single



What I am about to write may offend you.  If so, that’s great!  My desire with this post is to challenge you to think past yourself.  If you can be objective about how you see yourself, then you will be able to see the things about you that may be stopping you from achieving happiness and stability in your relationships.  I not only want to help you be a better person, I desire to help you do what I failed to do with my wife…date with a purpose.

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In route to helping you to date with more clarity and with a purpose, I will share with you 8 reasons why the first 3 dates are the most important dates.  In the end, I will give you an opportunity to receive 11 specific questions to ask during those first 3 dates.  These questions will ensure that you gain the proper information needed to determine whether or not to end the relationship or to pursue something deeper. 

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When I was single, I used to struggle with pornography...a not so dirty little secret of mine. Even early on throughout my relationship with my wife prior to marriage, pornography was still my vice. I knew it was my issue, but I kept it with a pet. It followed me wherever I went and would whisper to me at the right moments getting me to fold every time. If my assumption is correct, you are just like I was. Well, maybe not with pornography but definitely with the inability to say no to a sexual urge and mean it long enough to escape its strong grasp.

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So here is yet another holiday designed without single people in mind. And here you are...a single person. What a dilemma. Think about it, you are expected to watch couples awkwardly embrace each other publicly even though you know they were just arguing the night prior. You are expected to endure the office surprises (that your co-workers get), the countless invasive Valentine's Day advertisements, the movies, music, and yes...the abundance of chocolate shaped hearts.

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First let me start by saying that I am guilty of this topic.  As a matter of fact 95% of all who read this blog will be guilty of this topic.  For the other 5% of you who are not guilty, way to go!  You have managed to avoid the common stumbling block that the majority of singles trip over.  This stumbling block of course is sex while dating. 


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6 Easy Ways To Flirt With Him



In this post, I will provide 6 tips that will help you to overcome your flirting concerns so that you can boost your odds of landing your next (and hopefully last) serious relationship.  If you follow these 6 tips, you will definitely convey the message clearly that you are in to him without you having to tell him.  


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