For many people, 2013 was a very trying year.  Most of you are just happy to hobble across the finish line of 2013 as you look forward to the mirage of a hopeful 2014.  You may have already claimed 2014 as “my year” with hopes that it will yield a better return on your investment.  If you are single, you hope that this will be THE year…the year that your “single” status changes permanently.  



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Relationship Readiness Quizzes


Test Your Relationship Readiness Below

The Dating Assessment for Men

The Dating Assessment for Women

The Good Partner Quiz 

Trauma Quiz 

Committment Quiz

Loneliness Quiz

Anxiety Quiz

Depression Quiz

Self-Esteem Quiz

Codependent Quiz

Communication Quiz


For more information on how to improve in these areas so that they don't interfere with your next relationship, submit your email below.


Please note: These quizzes are meant to only provide you with a brief snapshot of your current emotional wellness.  They should not be used to diagnose or determine the complete extent of your overall emotional conditon.  

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You are probably doing something that has caused your previous relationship to suffer and most likely will place your next relationship in jeopardy...and you aren’t even aware that you are doing it.  Don’t worry though.  Once you are done reading this, you will know exactly what the problem is and I will provide you with 6 very specific tips for how to fix it.  



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Who’s your ideal man? Idris Elba? Channing Tatum? How about Columbus Short? Most of us have someone Hollywood-famous who has captured our attention, but how close are those men to who we typically date or desire in reality?

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Your Date Intervention


I said that I wouldn’t cry about being single, and I meant it. That being said, please don’t throw rocks at me for admitting that I want to be in a relationship. That’s right, I want a man. But how does one navigate through the dating field maze without becoming utterly confused? 


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What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?



Well, December has rolled around again, and while still single, I refuse to let my relationship status play the scrooge. Instead of allowing myself to feel lonely this year, I’ve made up my mind to enjoy my single status. If you’re single too, check out these 10 tips to a better Christmas:

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Being single is hard work, especially if you are single by circumstance and not necessarily by choice.  You have to deal with the loneliness, the boredom, the temptations, the desire to date without having the energy to date, the failed dates and the limited dating pool as well as enduring through movies like The Best Man Holiday (which was good by the way) during your selfie date nights.


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7 Facts About Men, Sex & Dating


Do all men want to score after the first date?  Are most men perverts?  When men see women, do they automatically think about sex?  I could provide a simple answer to these thought provoking questions but I believe that just answering “yes” won’t do them justice.


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Chemistry 101


He’s a nice guy. He treats you well, he calls and texts. He shows interest by making plans, and isn’t that what you said you wanted??? So why aren’t you feeling him? Are you being picky, or is the chemistry missing from the equation?

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