30 Year Old Virgin


30 Year Old Virgin

never been kissed

"Never Been Kissed" is one of my favorite movies.  It's about a twenty-four year old journalist who enrolls in high school as a part of her research story.  I remember watching this movie, for the billionth time, when I was twenty-four years old.  Much like the main character, I'd never been kissed.  Fast forward 6 years and I chuckle whenever this movie crosses my mind.  Not because I've lost my taste for classic Drew Barrymore movies, but because I'm a thirty year old virgin who's never been kissed, still.  In fact, I've never been in a relationship.

Cry Me a River

Please spare me the compliments about how good that is, or how much you respect and admire me.  If I told you my whole story, you'd know that I'm far from perfect.  On the same note, don't you dare try and make me feel like a loser.  The only thing I've lost are years of bad decisions and guilt-ridden hookups.  Actually, I'm quite proud of myself for one thing.  The very rare, extremely difficult, totally unpopular ability to wait.

I see those squinting eyes.  You thought I'd write a sob story about how lonely I felt or how much I want a man.  You wanted me to identify with your pain, your struggle, your loneliness.  Sorry, but I refuse to cry about being a good catch.  

You & God

Lets be honest, if you've kept yourself up to this point, you did it because you wanted to.  You did it because you've got a little bit more sense, excuse me, self control than your friends.  You could have had five boyfriends and ten sex partners under your belt by now, just like everyone else.  You could have married the first guy to complement your smile -- only to be a divorcee two years later -- but your ability to see through charming devils saved you a lot of time and tears.  For that, you should be proud. 

Let your friends and family speculate.  Perhaps she's gay, or afraid of men, or doesn't want to be married… Remember, these are the same people who got pregnant in high school, have had secret abortions, and public divorces.  I'm not passing judgment, I said I wasn't perfect and I meant it.  Nonetheless it's not up to your friends, family, or society to dictate the right time for you to be in a relationship, get married, and have sex.  That's up to you and God.


I admonish you to celebrate your virginity, it's a prize possession.  Perhaps you're like me, a Christian, doing your best to live righteously.  Maybe you're busy with life.  It could be that you're waiting on the right guy to come along, or that you've chosen to remain single.  It's possible that you simply haven't had the time to date.  Whatever the reason, you've loved yourself enough to protect your body, heart, and soul.  Poor choices have broken the hearts of so many people. Yet somehow you've managed to make it, to this point in life, in one piece.   This accomplishment is rare, not to mention very attractive.  It should never be scoffed at or downplayed.   Be proud!  Your uncompromising spirit is only proof that you are truly single but ready.

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Melodie Hickey

Melodie S. Hickey



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Melodie is known for creating music that is unconventional, with an ability to hook listeners with addictive melodies and profound messages.


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