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Last Week

Last week's post focused on helping you to answer the universal question, "Where are all of the good men at." After reading that post, I hope you gained further clarity as to how complex the answer is. In this post, I am going to reveal something that will be life changing for many of you. I will also introduce one more category to you that only 1% of people who date fall into. Before I dive in, let me remind you of the 80/20 rule for dating.

The 80/20 Rule For Women & Men

For women, the 80/20 rule states that; roughly 80% of women who date make up a category called Movers and about 20% of women who date make up a category called Spenders. Each has their own dating style, their own motivations for dating and they have different dating experiences and outcomes. One group is often left broken hearted but unchanged while the other group is left single and frustrated.

For men, the 80/20 rule states that; roughly 80% of men who date make up a category called Pickers and about 20% of the men who date make up a category called Planters. They both have completely different dating experiences and dating habits. One group struggles with finding success in their dating experiences while the other group has a perceived level of dating success but no long-term dating stability.

The Group That You Want To Be In

What I did not share with you in my previous post is that there is one more group. This group is the same for both women and men and is made up of about 1% of the those who date. Qualifying for this group is extremely rare and difficult. This group is called "Builders." This group is immune to the dating difficulties that the other four groups share, they don't wrestle with the frustration of finding the right person and they are not plagued by past baggage that would otherwise affect their dating habits. Builders are confident, purpose driven and more focused on pursuing their passions in life than a relationship. For Builders, the right relationship happens as a result of them being in the right position in life at the right time. They know how to take calculated risks while dating and aren't afraid to learn more about themselves as they grow.

While this is the ideal position to date from, only 1% of those who date occupy this spot. Our goal is to increase this number. I have a solid plan to accomplish this task. Allow me to elaborate...I received a lot of feedback from last week's post. One of the most consistent messages (that came from Movers and Planters) was, "How can we find those that are datable?" These individuals are serious about the dating process, value good practical information but are ready for something more tangible, something more hands-on. They are tired of the books and nice quotes...they want results. Little do you know that we have been already designing something so different that it would almost seem too good to be true. Today I get to introduce it to you.

You Said You Wanted A Real Solution!

We have designed a (very top secret) program call Xclusive Encounters.  The whole premise of this program is to increase the amount of Builders.  We aim to help those who are truly serious about dating by providing them with hands-on, intimate, one-on-one and group pre-relationship coaching.  We literally walk each individual who has been selected to be part of the program through a 60-day coaching program that is designed to increase your dating IQ, make you more datable, fix your dating woes and literally send you on your first date with an individual that is “hand-picked” for you.   We are solving the problem by finding those that qualify for the program, coaching them and then connecting them.  But, before we can connect you…we have to locate you.  Only two of the four groups that I spoke of in last week’s post will qualify for this program.  For the next 45 days, I have to start locating them.

To do so, I will begin by helping you to identify with the category that best fits your current dating habits.  Below are two links.  One for men and one for women.  To see which category you truly fit in, click a link below.  You will then be given an assessment to determine whether you are a Mover or Spender (for the women) or a Planter or Picker (for the men).  The score that you receive will determine if you are a good fit for Xclusive Encounters.  Once you see your score, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what your score means for you.  If you are a good fit, you will be given a link to click on for you to apply to participate in Xclusive Encounters.  This link for the application will be found in the score description area for all of those who qualify.  As with the name, this program is literally exclusive, meaning that many will apply but we will only work with a select few every 60 days. 

To get started, click a link below.  Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page after receiving your score to see what your score means. 

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