Me, Naked Ladies & My 2nd Letter To God

A Manly Dilemma

Being a man means that I will often be also means that I will often misunderstand myself. This post should help bring clarity to the women who struggle to deal with men and to the men who struggle to deal with themselves.

Last week I wrote a blog on a very personal topic. I was nervous about putting this type of personal content out onto the world-wide-web but I took the risk for the sole purpose of creating awareness and helping others who may not have the courage to speak on the issues of their heart. This post will follow the same structure...except, I am pushing the gas just a tad bit further. If you can't tell from the title...this post will touch on a very popular yet controversial topic; porn. Before I dive in, allow me to do two things. First I want to remind you that my vice has been loneliness and it was something that I had struggled with since my childhood. If you recall from last week's post, I became accustom to hiding within myself and would often take my frustration with God out on my wife. But there is more...I also developed a habit that kept me occupied during my visits to the lonely island of my soul. That habit led me to write this letter to God on 4/15/08 at 12:19am. 

My Letter To God

Dear God,

As you know, my flesh is so weak right now.  I blew it…after all of this time, I blew it.  I sit back trying to see where I went wrong.  I know that my biggest problem is being inconsistent.  I lose my motivation and get lazy.  Dad, please help me.  Please…  At this point I don’t feel guilty…To tell You the truth, I kind of expected this to happen.  I know You aren’t mad at me, however I do feel that I have disappointed You…yet again.  If You don’t help me Father, I don’t feel that I can bounce back.  Now I truly see what Paul meant when he wrote that he was the lowest of all sinners.   I feel myself drifting to that level.  I just can’t get right.  It most definitely has to be by Your grace.  Sorry Dad for turning my back on You and disappointing You.  I love You.  I do.  Right now, I truly need You to come rescue me.  I am encaged in darkness and I need Your light.  Please!  I am desperate for Your salvation and deliverance.  Make me feel full again and wipe away my iniquity.  I give You permission.  I know You hear the cries of my heart…with love,


Naked Ladies

This letter was written about 10 minutes after I had slipped into the internet rabbit hole that resulted in me watching pornography. Oh, and don't act like it has not happened to you. Most will fall victim to this trap. This was not my first time however...I had wrestled with this giant since about the age of 13. No one knew though, I hid it well. Most people do. Due to my seemingly incurable loneliness; I used porn as a method of coping. It clouded out the silence...kept me from having empty images running through my head. It also promised me something. It promised me that while watching...I could be connected to someone. It promised me intimacy. Not physical...but psychological. All I had to do was lend my imagination to the naked woman on the computer screen and for that moment...the loneliness did not exist.

I'd imagine that most men use porn for different reasons. However, if we factor down those reasons, you would be surprised to find that most men escape to pornography. That's right, porn becomes a safe haven...a place for men to gather to rid themselves from the weight of the world. A place to go to silence out the silence...a place to feel masculine. For men, watching porn isn't just about sexual is also about the psychological connection with a fictitious perfection. It is about the connection with a false reality where everything goes our way. A place where a man's domination sexually over a women subconsciously equals our physical domination over our own lives. There, we can take our anger as aggressive as we want and have as many victories as we want. that fantasy, everything goes our way.

Men struggle as much with being accepted as they do with accepting themselves. We fumble through life and hide any sign of weakness. We literally have no one to talk to about our inner most struggles. We feel that women won't know how to handle the emotions of a man, men will reject us if we open up too much and God reminds us of our own fathers...strict, overly masculine and distant. So as a result, we turn inward. I know I did. At least by turning inward no one could hurt, mismanage or reject my emotions. Loneliness became my pleasure...and porn my best friend.

The Danger With Relationships

The reason why men struggle in relationships, and why there may seem to be a lack of good men out there is because we hide ourselves behind our inadequacies. We don't trust that relationships will bring us the same security that we have on our islands. Albeit we are lonely, we still have the lure of fictitious perfection, a false promise that says at least in that world, we can and will control everything. Men are hard-wired to desire control. Not control for manipulation...but control for stability and security. If we can't control life, we escape it. If we can't control loneliness, we embrace it. If we can't control relationships...we avoid them. We date at our own pace, we love only when it is convenient. Knowing this is crucial for change.

Men, you are not matter how lonely you feel. I had to face that harsh reality...I still face that reality. If you are serious about adding value to your next relationship, you have to become brave enough to be willing to leave the lonely island of your soul. You have to reintegrate back into a world where everything is not promised to be perfect, stable and controllable. You have to accept the fact that your issues may be too heavy for most women...but not all women. Finding the right woman who won't let you hide behind your penis in the bedroom is crucial to your future success during your next relationship.

Women, take the time to understand the present condition of most men. Your empathy will help guide him off of his island. Your nurturance will soften the blows of a harsh and unruly reality. This is not a plea to lower the must keep it raised high. Don't let him hide behind his libido or his smooth sayings. Don't let his narrated story of a happy ending move you into lethargic bliss. Take the time to challenge him without demeaning him. His honest participation is key if you want to be in that relationship that you always dreamed about.

What I Can Do To Help

I will also position myself to give you more than just a good quote and a "feel good" post. I commit myself to giving you an experience. I will make sure to give you information that is lived and not just learned from a book. I will continue to be transparent and vulnerable so that I can model what you should be doing to better your experience while being single and to increase the odds of your next relationship succeeding. I will also continue to add value to your life through my authentic pre-relationship coaching tools and resources. For those of you who are ready to answer the question; "What should I be doing while I am single?" I have developed a tool that is proven to be beneficial for you. It's called the Relationship Readiness Plan. This valuable resource will help you answer not only the aforementioned question but many of the tough personal questions that we often avoid.  My goal is to help you as you embark on your journey towards living the life that you were born to live. It is from this, and only this position, that you should date.

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What Do You Think?

If you are a women, what can you do differently to help men emote safely?  If you are a man, what can you do to initiate the process of moving past the loneliness?  Share your comments below. 

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