The 1 Quiz Most Singles Are Afraid To Take

Questions For Singles

What did you contribute to your last failed relationship? What behaviors or tendencies did you demonstrate that impacted your past relationship in a negative way? Are you able to answer these questions honestly? Am I asking you too many!

Part of what I love to do in life is challenge others to think outside of themselves. I believe that especially when it comes to being single and wanting to date, you have to be able to practice a level of self-awareness that will keep your own issues from continually tripping you up. Over the course of my career, I have learned that most people aren't impeded by the issues of others...they are impeded by their own issues. While working with singles, one problem that I repeatedly see is an individual's inability to complete this process:  accept the fact that they have issues, address those issues and then use those same issues to promote future success. Often I see them hide their issues or project their issues onto someone else. As a result, after they are done rushing into their next relationship, they are still left feeling empty. Or, at the very least, they continue to repeat the same cycle of bad dating habits.  

Solutions For Singles

I believe that in order to truly see personal change while you are single, you have to be brutally honest with yourself, free your skeletons from the closet of your soul and embrace being vulnerable enough to grow past your pain. Most singles will admit that they need to change on the surface but won't go through the process. They say it with their mouth but won't put action behind those words. They will say "I'm working on my issues" or "I know what I got to do" all the while tolerating the constant frustration of failed relationships. They hope for the right opportunity to come but neglect the importance of maintaining a proactive stance. If you ask them, most will even claim that they have been a good partner and that their past relationship mishaps were the responsibility of the person that they were in the relationship with. we get to test that notion. I have a short 20 question quiz for you to take. This 2-minute quiz is designed to challenge you to think outside of yourself. Beware though...if you are take this quiz with an honest eye, you may learn some things about yourself that you may be reluctant to accept. Take the quiz, get your results and then follow the instructions that are provided with the results. I will catch up with you in 2 minutes.

The Quiz

Click the link below to take the quiz.

clipboard 64The Good Partner Quiz


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