6 Easy Ways To Flirt With Him



6 Easy Ways To Flirt With Him

Are You A Flirt?

If you are single, one of your goals for this year is to have a status update.  Even if you don’t want to admit it, you desire to find the right one.  You desire to find a relationship this year that will be lasting, healthy and fulfilling.  Recently, I wrote about 9 things that you will have to do this year in order for that desire to become a reality.  These 9 things are non-negotiable…meaning, you have to do them in order to increase your odds of success in the dating realm.

Of the 9 items, number 3 on the list was flirt more often.   A lot of the feedback that I received from women about this tip echoed similar sentiments.  They often sounded like this: “I don’t know how to flirt.”  Or “I am awkward at flirting.”  I was even told that “If I flirt, men will take it the wrong way.” 

It is because of those comments that I write this post.  I will provide 6 tips that will help you to overcome your flirting concerns so that you can boost your odds of landing your next (and hopefully last) serious relationship.  If you follow these 6 tips, you will definitely convey the message clearly that you are in to him without you having to tell him.


6 Ways To Flirt With Him  

1.)  Speak With Your Eyes.  You can say a lot with your eyes.  If you ever watched “America’s Next Top Model” with Tyra Banks, she would teach the models to “smeyes” or smile with their eyes (don’t judge me for knowing this).  The main concept here is to demonstrate a gesture that communicates the intention.  When flirting with your eyes, your main focus is to look but not stare.  Catch his attention by looking him directly in his eyes, but for only a brief period of time.  Exchange glances with him.  He will like this game.  He will get the message because most women don’t look at men directly in their eyes.

2.)  Give More Than The Normal Compliment  When complimented by a woman, most men automatically will think that she likes him.  Chances are that your flirt friend will think the same.  But even with this truth, he will still question your motives and wrestle with self-doubt.  Your job is to be very clear about your intentions.  Not by being blunt…but by giving more than the normal compliment.  Instead of saying he looks nice in blue.”  Say, “Blue, makes you even more attractive.”    Instead of telling him he has a nice sense of humor, tell him that you enjoy a man with a good sense of humor.  This will definitely get his attention.

3.)  Ignite His Senses.  Men are stimulated mainly through what they see.  However, research shows that your memory is stimulated the most by smell.  So, make sure that you leave a scent that is memorable.  One that will have him turning his head to find you once he smells it.  Also, there are certain colors that communicate certain messages as well.  Red will physically stimulate the body, raising blood pressure and heart rate.  It is also associated with movement, excitement, and passion.   Blue is the preferred color of men.   It is associated with peace, water, tranquility, and reliability.  Blue provides a sense of security, curbs appetite, and stimulates productivity.  Purple is commonly associated with royalty, wisdom, and respect.  It stimulates problem solving as well as creativity.  Purple is frequently used to promote beauty and anti-aging products.  You get the message…so will he.

4.)  Break The Touch Barrier.    This is the most risky yet most fulfilling technique.  Most women are uncomfortable with extending cordial physical gestures to men and work hard to maintain appropriate physical boundaries.   Men are often surprised when women break this barrier on their own but open up rather quickly when this happens.  Cordial physical gestures can be anything from a gentle graze when passing by to a friendly nudge when conversing in close quarters.  When done, he won’t know what to do with what just happened and will be equally enthralled…especially if you do this more than once in the same day.

5.)  Intrigue Him.  Men like to be intrigued.  Men like to be challenged and mentally stimulated.  Unfortunately, given our sexually charged society, this has become less the norm as men have become more preoccupied with sex.  This can be changed however, due to the nature of men.  Men are wired to conquer.  Men love challenges and will obsess himself with a problem that he can’t seem to solve.  If you are an enigma, a creative and personable puzzle…he will spend all of his time trying to figure you out.  If you are full of personality, not boring and full of creativity and wit…you will be in his head and on his mind for the duration of the day.   With you, there will be no such thing as “out of sight out of mind.”

6.)  Smile.  See if you can re-read this sentence (to yourself) while smiling.  Now practice smiling for the rest of the day.  Enough said…you get the point here.


Be Uncomfortable

The goal with these 6 flirting techniques is to become uncomfortable by getting out of your comfort zone.  You will have to do new things to get new results.  This is your year to shine.  To find yourself.  To find love.  Create new habits by incorporating new behaviors.  You may struggle initially, but in the end, you will be happy with who you become.  As an added bonus, we are here to give you an advantage.  With our pre-relationship tools, you won’t have to break out of your comfort zone alone.  When you join our free Ready VIP mailing list, you will be inspired weekly to be the best YOU that YOU can possibly be.  Sign up to get started now…and remember to practice smiling.

What Do You Think?

Which of the 6 tips appear to be the hardest?  Which of the 6 is the easiest?  Comment below.  

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