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Why I'm not Married Yet...

let me count thy ways

Why aren’t you married yet? I can’t be the only one whose been asked this question. It isn’t because I don’t want to be, and it isn’t because there’s something inherently wrong with me. I promise you that I’m just as imperfect as everyone else, so why aren’t I married yet? Well, the reason is not that simple. But after analyzing this over several years, I’ve come up with a few answers. Maybe you can relate.


I have them, and I don’t apologize for it. Don’t you apologize either. There is a difference between having standards and being picky. He has to be 6’2”, with a Ph.D. and never have been married. For me, that would be picky. I’m 36 and realistic. Most men won’t be childless and marriageless at my age. He doesn’t have to be tall, have a degree or even be black. He does, however, need to be confident, intelligent, spiritual, of good character, family-oriented, attractive (to me) , have a career, be funny, honest, supportive, fitness-minded, want children, love to travel, help me grow and be crazy about some Angelita.


I moved away from my hometown because I thought I’d never get married. I guess the joke is on me because 18 years later I’m still a Miss, not to be confused with amiss. I live and work in a small town, and while there are some black men here, I don’t really run across them. I work at a college, so the majority of males are 18-year-olds. I belong to an all-female dance studio, so that eliminates the potential for meeting men at the gym. Plus, I feel like once you are out of high school and college, you are around your demographic less and less, thus making it harder to meet that special person.


Yep, even the ones you’re actually friends with. You don’t have to be physically involved or even live in the same state, but if you talk to him regularly, he’s fulfilling a need that your future man would, and he hinders you from fully being available for the right one to come into your life. If your ex was the man for you, he wouldn’t have you in the position to be wondering why you aren’t married. You would be.

You aren't putting yourself out there

Okay, for a long time, I was quite guilty of this. I’ve been hurt more than once, and well, I figured if I don’t get involved, I can’t get hurt. And that’s fine if you want to lead a very lonely existence, but if you don’t get involved, you can’t experience the joy of love either. We’ve all been through something, but we have to be courageous enough to face our fears and have faith that there is a mate out there for us if that’s our heart’s desire. So if this sounds familiar, join a dating site, ask your friends to hook you up or simply practice saying hello to strangers. Even if they aren’t your Mr. or Mrs. Right, they will help you become more secure as you travel down the path to finding him or her.

It's just not time yet

Because you aren’t married yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with you or that you’re doing something wrong. Maybe it just isn’t time yet. Do you want the man or woman who is meant for you, or do you want to be married just to be Mrs. Somebody or have a Mrs? Until that person shows up, be patient, work on yourself, enjoy your friends and family and be ready for the moment that God chooses to introduce him or her into your life.

Question:  Why are you not married yet?  


Angelita Streeter


Angelita Streeter



Angelita Streeter is a 36-year-old single professional from Pensacola, Florida who has resided in Central Florida since 2005. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Florida A&M University and her Master’s in English from Florida State University. For the past 11 years, Angelita has worked in public relations and education. She also provides freelance writing and editing services. Recently Angelita expanded her repertoire to health by writing a health and fitness blog and teaching Sensual Fit, a toning class at a local dance studio.


Professional Writer: www.linkedin.com/in/streeter

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